Friday, October 9

This too will inspire you: A Lagos danfo driver without legs

Like I always say... Absolutely NOTHING in this world is impossible. Recently, I made a post on the inspiring live of the visually impaired music legend, Cobhams Asuquo (read here). This is another inspiring story of a Lagos danfo driver, who in-spite of his disability goes about his daily business rather than turning himself to a beggar like we commonly know.

This man I'm talking about, has no legs but he hustles like every other able bodied man on the tough streets of Lagos as a commercial driver. How surprising!

Though, I've not met him but the pictures and story of him I got is just so inspiring to ignore. Am a big fan of success and I don't believe in defeat in whatever form. If this man, WITHOUT LEGS can drive a commercial bus in the tough Lagos roads. How much more you and I can do.

This young man is a huge source of inspiration for you and I if you will agree with me.

Limitations is just the way you deal with it. Be inspired!

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