Monday, October 5

Throwback Aye! Dare Art Alade shares 10 year old photo of himself

The popular Nigerian singer, Dare Art Alade shared the 10 year old picture of himself some minutes ago and captioned it as follows:
A man once told me that we never truly change; we simply grow into the person we've always been. When I think it about it now, I see his point, though I'm tempted to disagree in part. This photo was taken when I was around 10. At a time I was more interested in airplanes than music. The music was always there but whenever I dared to stare at the future, the picture I saw was of me as an aviation expert.
Haha try picturing me at the local or international airport; hat in one hand, briefcase in the other, flanked on both sides by my female crew but it wasn’t just about the swag, the appeal for me was always the machine; that beautiful sleek arial beast made of steel and dreams! I dreamed of flying it, fixing it, building it… ah sweet memories . Do you have still have any photos of yourself from when you were about the same age? Please share and tag me. Tell me the person you wanted to be in that photo and if it's the same person you are today. Do people change or do we simply grow into the person we've always been? What are your thoughts? #ChildhoodDreams #GrowingUpInNaija

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