Tuesday, November 10

6 yrs marriage dissolved when wife finds out husband's lie of having a degree

A marriage of 6 years between Nnenna Nwokonko,38, and husband Kelechi Nwokoko was dissolved in court, yesterday 9th of November in Ketu Lagos, when wife discovered her husband who had lied of having a Mass Communication degree from the University of Lagos, is only a school certificate holder without any reasonable source of income. She said: 

“He lied to me that he is a graduate of Mass Communication from the University of Lagos and that he is financially buoyant, only for me to discover that he is just a school certificate holder without any genuine means of income.”
The petitioner had, on October 28, asked the court to dissolve her six-year-old marriage over alleged threat to life and assault, adding that the relationship was also built on deceit.

Nnenna presented as evidence text and WhatsApp messages the respondent, Mr. Nwokonko, allegedly sent her. One of them read: “I will destroy you with my mouth. I have seen a man coming out of your house; I have declared war on you and your family. If I see you on the streets, I will disgrace you. I am prepared for war, shameless dog.”

The respondent did not deny the allegations of deceit or assault, but told the court that he was not interested in divorcing his wife. The marriage was however dissolved when the woman insisted she's not ready to continue with the marriage.

While dissolving their marriage, the presiding President of the Lagos Customary Court, Mr. O. T. Williams, advised women to always do proper investigation before going into marriage.

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