Wednesday, November 18

As shared by a TLB reader: So hilarious!


GIRL - hello!

UNKNOWN - do u have a boyfriend ?

GIRL - yes! Why do u ask?

UNKNOWN - its me your father! So u idiot have a boyfriend at that age?! We shall see when i get home.. Continue below

GIRL - Daddy plz am only joking i can explain...

He hung up!


GIRL - hello

UNKNOWN - do u have a boyfriend ?

GIRL - No!!!

UNKNOWN - oh honey so u're ashamed of me?

GIRL - No!! my luv, plz 4give me i thought it was my Idiot dad!

UNKNOWN- yes it's still me your father just wanted to confirm if u have a boyfriend....

I'll meet u at home.........

ROTFL..... Keep enjoying your day

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