Wednesday, November 18

Man marries pizza in Russia, says it would not betray him....hehehe..Orisirisi

A 22-year-old Russian man has reportedly gotten married to a pizza. lool.. *mo fo o*
The ceremony allegedly took place in the city of Tomsk, Russia, in a pizzeria with chefs and managers as witnesses because Russian authorities refused to officially register the marriage and a church also declined.

The unnamed groom says he decided to marry his favourite fast food after getting bored of the single life. “Love between two humans is a complicated wild thing,” he said. “Pizza, on the other hand, would not reject you or betray you, and speaking quite frankly and sincerely, I love it.” The restaurant even presented the groom and his ‘bride’ with an unofficial wedding certificate on a clipboard. More pics below...

Please remember him in prayers, he really needs it. lool. Haba! Pizza fa

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