Tuesday, November 3

Meet the extremely beautiful Neema Godwin - A woman from the field of Rose

The Neema brand is phenomenal and approaching real fast. She is a model with a caring heart for young women. Her passion for photography is as strong as the pillars of the Egyptian Library.

She has stunning looks that attracts and inspire. She is a real beauty queen, a billboard model and a social ambassador.

She will officially release her “lookbook” titled “The Roosevelt” - which portrays her as a queen of royalty from the field of rose; a woman of courage fighting for the cause of other women and most especially as a model.

 She will officially begin her social project: PinkWoman - which is her social campaign to empowering young women in rural and disadvantaged areas.

Then, she will be celebrating her birthday which she termed “The Pink Bash” where she partys with friends, shares her dream and signs autographs, as proudly powered by TroggeUrban.

Are you gonna join us we make one more talent reach the peak?

Always stay in touch with Tayo Lawal's Blog as I promise to bring you more updates on Neema as it unfolds.

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