Friday, November 20

Whitney Thore: big, fat and happy with life

Weighing 180kg, the 31-year-old TLC television personality from the show 'My Big Fat Fabulous Life' was in Johannesburg yesterday to give fans a dance class. But, while she was twerking in Mzansi, back in the US Thore was being fat shamed as the season finale of her reality show aired.

One comment on her social media page read: "What is this s**t? Some fat b**ch [is] on TV because she's fat?"

But Thore was unfazed when she spoke to The Times. She was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome at the age of 23 and became an internet sensation when a YouTube video went viral of her rocking her fat in spandex with moves one thought only thin people could make.

She said: "There's the assumption that fat people are fair game. When we look at a fat person we ask why they're fat, and it's frustrating." Recently, when actress Gabourey Sidibe appeared in a sex scene in the series Empire , social media comments implied that no man would want to have sex with someone so fat .

Thore said: "The idea that fat people can't or don't have sex is ridiculous. There's an expectation that fat people have to deny ourselves pleasure. My biggest challenge is that guys don't want to date me and girls pity me."

But yesterday she stunned fans with her dance class.

"My South African fans are the most vocal . it's amazing to get that kind of support outside my own country and in a culture I don't know that much about.
"I have no desire to be thin," she said. "When you're fat you're taught that happiness is conditional on losing weight. I don't live that way anymore. I'm happy . But I don't want diabetes and I want a little bit more mobility.
"Do I want to lose a significant amount of weight? No, I would prefer to be fat, fit and healthy. she said.

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