Monday, November 16

Woman dies in concubine's house during marathon sex in Osogbo

A 25 year old housewife identified as Damilola, has died in her lover's house during a bout of marathon sex in Osogbo the Osun State capital. According to reports, Damilola was living with her parents after she had some issues with her husband. She told her parents that she was traveling to Osogbo to attend the wedding of her friend, only to end up with her lover in whose house she died.

It was gathered that the incident that led to her quarrel with her husband was due to her adulterous acts, was staying with shuttling between her parents home and that of her parents-in-law while the families tried to resolve the misunderstanding, but still found time to visit her secret lovers.
When she got to Oshogbo however, she moved to her lover's house where she spent some days before tragedy struck.

The unnamed lover boy has been arrested while the police have commenced investigations to ascertain the cause of her death.

May God rest her soul. her love for the D was so real.

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