Sunday, November 1

Yaay! Its November..Happy new month my people | my message for you

My people! my people! Its the 11th month of the year. All glory to our Lord for the gift of live. Don't you think we are alive only by his grace.

Like the song says: "Many are dying many are perishing, whatever I am now it is by your grace...." Have you paused and think of the building collapse in January? Do you remember the road accidents in February? Don't you forget the bombing stories in March? What about the kidnaps in April? So quick you forget all the horrific terrible stories you read, saw, watched from far and near through the months up until this very month of November.

None of these have come near you and your household, or you think those involved don't serve God? Don't you think the Lord has been really faithful. Even those on hospital beds are thanking God for being alive and hopeful.

You have the facility to visit Tayo Lawal's Blog, irrespective of who you are, where you are and what you are going through, your eyes are well enough to read this, and you think its just common?

My dear, take a minute and say THANK YOU LORD FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE. for he has indeed been very good to us.

I wish y''all and myself the fulfillment of everything we wish for as we enter this new month of November.

Happy New Month.

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