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Does is it really worth remaining a virgin till marriage? read this

Several men and women who decided to lose their virginity on their wedding night have revealed what it's really like to wait - and what their first time was like.
From cringe-worthy stories of utter confusion of the mechanics of the act to fond memories of the beginnings of long and happy marriages, the stories shared on a new AskReddit thread were spread right across the board. 'Redditors who waited until marriage to have sex, how was it and was it worth waiting? Serious replies only,' stated the original poster on the thread.

A respondent Greatgasby, described how his first experience on his wedding night was fraught with confusion over each other's bodies but that it wasn't all bad. 'Takes a lot of time to get "perfect" but otherwise its not bad. But sometimes a part of me wished I was experienced, as its taking a long time to get perfect. But the bigger part of is happy I shared an intimate thing with the love of my life.' continue...

Another respondent, Slinky999, however, not only had a terrible first time on her wedding night, but things never became perfect like she had hoped. 'I waited with my first husband. We were both virgins. Little did I know that we were very sexually incompatible in many ways. This wasn't the main reason why we divorced, but it certainly was a contributor.

'I don't want my kids to make the same mistake I did. Of course they know about birth control, emotional issues in relationships, waiting until you are ready, etc. You don't REALLY know someone until you've had sex and have lived with each other for a while, to be totally frank.
'If I had lived with my ex before marriage, we likely never would have married.'

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Another user who saw his decision to wait as something he regretted. After having been a sociable high school boy who had several girlfriend who eventually left because he refused to have sex, he found a girl who shared his sentiments.

'We eventually got engaged in college, where we decided to keep sex off to table until marriage. Big f***ing mistake there. I wanted to catch up to all that I missed, but that was doomed from the start.

'In my two year marriage, I had sex twice. She had anxiety so after our rough first time, it scared her. She refused to do it at all until our honeymoon a month later. We tried, it failed. I resorted to ****ing off in our bathroom for a few years. When I told her I was falling out of love with her, she decided to do everything she could to keep me there. She even tied a bow around herself like she was a present from Santa. The years of bathroom use and no sex causes my penis to flatline for her.

'Today, I know she makes up lies on why we broke up. She says it's all my fault, but that's not true. I did the best I could for years. She only tried in the very end.
'Now I have a lovely fiancĂ©e, a baby on the way, and a great job. She's really showed what I missed out on.' 

st3ve said, Back then we were both good Christians, so the wedding night was highly anticipated. Guess what? Didn't work. As in, we knew what to do, but it was too dry and we were tired so we just went to sleep. The next morning was ok, and we figured things out at least once a day over the next couple months. There have been ups and downs since then, but I guess it was good enough that even after she left ten years later we still hooked up a couple times. 

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  1. adelowo ola ........ AlanDecember 15, 2015 4:52 am

    I strongly am against the no sex till marriage...... That doctrine was in d ages.. And now civilization has changed everything.... U dont need to marry a virgin for ur husband to love you..... I would prefer a lady so much experience to satisfy my sexual urge that a lady who would just lay on the bed while the whole exercise is going on ., this acts makes sex boring and before u know it .... The man is cheating.... Most men that wait till weeding before sex make big mistakes ... Their inexperience make their woman desire external satisfaction.,... I hope you my get my point of view