Tuesday, December 1

Ghen! ghen!! Pastor TB Joshua may be arrested for failing to appear in court

I reported here yesterday that Pastor TB Joshua and the engineers that constructed the collapsed building at his Synagogue church, were to appear in a Lagos high court yesterday Nov. 30. So, the Pastor and and the contractors did not show up at the court.

Nigerian journalist Chima Nwankwo said that if Joshua continued to be absent at the high court, "the trial judge may charge him for contempt of court". He added: "In that case he may be arrested on the orders of the court, detained and forcefully brought before the court."

Judge Lawal Akapo voiced his unhappiness with the defendants' absence, making it clear that he would not tolerate any delays in the trial. He directed the defence team to provide the court with the engineers' addresses within 72 hours and postponed the case to December 11. 

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