Wednesday, December 2

Neema Godwin launches her 'Pink Woman' project, starting with Makoko

Y'all remember Neema Godwin, The beautiful woman from the field of rose. Read here if you don't. She is a fast rising model, social ambassador and the current Miss Fotogenix Nigeria. Her personal vision is to leverage on her career as a model to create a platform bolstering women employment, significance and independence, hence the creation of The Pink Woman Project. 

She is taking a stand to fight for the cause of indigent women and do her bit to improve the lives of women one woman at a time. She started with the women of Makoko community, Lagos. After a series of visits to the community she was able to identify the needs of the women and made promises to assist their businesses as this is a means through which they sustain themselves and their families. See more pics below.......

As a fulfilment of these promises, she visited the community on November 25, 2015 to make cash donations of 20,000 naira to 10 women. She also donated food and sanitary items to these women. 

The children of the community were, however not left out, they also had gift items presented to them. The joy in the faces of the women were inconcealable as they sang songs and danced with the beauty queen as they thanked her for honouring them.

Neema Godwin promised to visit them on a regular basis to monitor them and the progress of their businesses!

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