Sunday, December 13

PDP accuses Buhari of being one sided in his fight against corruption

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP has accused President Muhammadu Buhari of being one sided in the fight against corruption. The party however stated its support for the Federal Government’s crusade against corruption but told Buhari to ensure everyone involved is brought to book irrespective of the political affiliations. This was revealed in a statement released by the leadership of the party. Read below:

“the leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, hereby reiterates its support for a honest, holistic and total war against corruption and we demand the trial and prosecution of all those involved, including those who may have returned ‘loots’ to the government.” continue.....
“However, we are completely against any one-sided public trial and mob conviction of accused persons without following the age-long and worldwide legal process wherein all accused persons are presumed innocent until the contrary is lawfully proved. We do not believe that mere investigation confers a guilty verdict on those concerned and the government should stop the brutal mob and public conviction of individuals and the transfer of the burden of proof on people being investigated.”
“We restate for emphasis that a media and public war against corruption is good, but it should not be limited to only those opposed to the President and the ruling party. In fact, until top officials of the former government open up on the exact source of the funding, it remains premature to be accusing our party members of corrupt practices.”
“In the light of the way and manner of this government’s selective prosecution of the war against corruption, the PDP challenges the government to set up a National Truth Commission wherein politicians and other Nigerians publicly discuss the true meaning of corrupt practice in our land. This commission would also provide a platform for a proper public inquisition into the mind-boggling wealth of some Nigerians in public office.”
“Nigerians are quite eager to learn the business and investment tricks of past and present public officers in the APC fold, especially former governors, former ministers as well as their national leader, who suddenly acquired multi-billions investments and are now reputed to be the richest politicians in the country.”
“Nevertheless, if indeed President Muhammadu Buhari in anyway whatsoever desires to probe his opponent in the presidential election, he should come out straight instead of going round in circles.
“If indeed the government is interested in ending sleazes associated with campaign funds, the National Truth Commission will present an avenue for Nigerians to openly debate the issues therein with facts and figures.”

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