Wednesday, December 16

Win 150 thousand naira in TroggeUrban 'ShowMeYourTalent' competition

A whooping cash prize of ₦150,0000 is up for grab for 2 lucky winners at the ongoing TroggeUrban 'ShowMeYourTalent instagram competition. The first winner gets ₦100,000 while the 2nd walks away with ₦50,000. Have you got what it takes? Guess what! Its quite simple and straight forward to become the winner.


1. Follow @troggeurban on Instagram
2. Record a 15 second video of you displaying your talent, tag @troggeurban and use the hashtag #SHOWMEYOURTALENT
3. Get your friends to like the video. (Video with the highest likes wins!)

Its as simple as that. Start Now!

Further inquiries/clarifications:
Follow @troggeUrban on instagram and make your findings. Goodluck to y'all!

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