Saturday, January 16

39yr old ABC producer was sexually assaulted and murdered while on vacation

An ABC producer, 39 year old Anne Swaney was killed while on vacation in Belize this week.
The executive producer of online operations, arrived last Saturday to Nabatunich Resort, Benque Viejo, according to ABC, Swaney was allegedly sexually assaulted before being killed after doing yoga on Thursday morning near the Mopan River nearby the resort.

A tour guide found Swaney's yoga mat and other items near the river but he didn't see her and alerted the authorities.

Dogs tracked her scent on Thursday night but she was not found until the next morning.
Benque Viejo Police Superintendent Daniel Arzu said that Swaney's injured corpse was found floating on the river. She was wearing just a bra.

She also had lacerations on the side of her head along with bruises on her neck.
'We suspect that she may have been sexually violated,' Arzu said. 'She had bruises around her neck that reveals that there might have been some strangulation or some sort of fight back.'

An investigation is ongoing and a suspect has not yet been identified. An autopsy in underway, according to Chicagoist.

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