Sunday, January 31

8 Ways to make missionary s3x even hotter

Missionary, as one of the oldest s3x positions, it can get pretty dull if you do not have fun ways to spice things up, which could be disastrous if you know what I mean. Below are 8 ways to derive more satisfaction from the same old Missionary s3x style as put together by Naij:

1. Blindfolds: Have your man blindfold you as he pleasures you. It is a liberating feeling when your eyes are closed and all your other senses are on high alert. Everything feels so much better, plus, you find that you are less self-conscious. (Extra bonus: You can always fantasize you are being serviced by someone else)

2. Restraints: If you are up for it, have your man tie you wrists together over your head to keep you from making a move. It can get pretty hot feeling like you are at his mercy.

3. Elevate: Using a pillow or something soft, elevate your bum for deeper penetration. This is known for making a guy feel good, but we assure you, feeling him in places deep inside can be a total turn-on.

4. Grinding: The best way to make him reach your G-spot with his penis is through grinding. Take a few minutes to grind against each other, and you might even reach orgasm.

5. Stimulate the breasts: Since he is so focused on giving you pleasure, how about you up your own fun by massaging your breasts and nipples with your free hands. The sight of you touching yourself could send him over the edge.

6. Move the hips: Move your hips against him so you can enjoy the sensation from other angles. You might even find an angle you prefer and direct your man to go that way.

7. Eye contact: Seeing the look of desire and lust in your partner’s eyes could be really hot and arousing. You do not need to do this all session, but taking a few seconds to lock eyes with your man from time to time can add a little more sizzle.

8. Dirty talk: Put your mouth to good use. Tell him what you like, what turns you on and how sexy you find him. Tell him how much harder or slower you want it. Basically, use your words to turn him on and you could find yourself reaching new levels of pleasure.

Have a happy satisfying s3x life!

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