Wednesday, January 20

Kidnapped Christ Embassy pastor and members regain freedom

Twelve persons, including a pastor of Christ Embassy church, Lawrence Ohimare  who were kidnapped when gunmen attacked two speedboats along Bayelsa State waterways, have regained their freedom. The pastor, who narrated his ordeal to TheNation, said that the 14 hours they spent in captivity was not pleasant.

According to him, their boats were hijacked at about 9am and taken to the hoodlums’ camp in the creeks. They were blindfolded by the gunmen who took their time to dispossess them of their valuables including mobile phones and cash.

The pastor said the abductors initially mistook them for very important personalities they could hold hostage and later ask for ransom. The gunmen were mad after discovering that the occupants of the boats were civil servants.

He said:
 “Initially they thought we were important person they will hold down and demand ransom. So, what they did was look into our faces and ask, honourable, who are you? Are you not an honourable?
“And when they got to me I told them I am a pastor. When they discovered that most of the passengers were normal civil servants and pastor we were released and dumped near a fishing point at around 11pm.
“It was from there that we were eventually rescued through a fishing canoe to Okoroma town, where we slept till this morning.
“It was not a pleasant experience but I thank God for his divine mercies and for rescuing all of us alive. It was horrifying but I want to give God all the glory.”

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