Sunday, January 10

Man sets himself and apartment ablaze while trying to kill bed bugs

A man set himself and his Detroit, Michigan, apartment on fire while trying to kill bed bugs. The fire happened last Sunday in Midtown at the St. Antoine Gardens apartments, according to the Detroit Free Press, the blaze ruined four apartments and water damage affected two dozen other apartments.

Mayor's office spokesman Dan Austin told the newspaper the man sprayed himself and his sofa with rubbing alcohol about 4:30 a.m. Sunday and lit a cigarette. The city official said the sofa and the man's body caught fire when he tried to burn one of the bedbugs.

The newspaper reported the man got out and suffered 'severe' burns.
According to the Detroit Free Press, Johanahn Larsosa could see the man in the building's lobby.
Larsosa told the newspaper: 'He was melting. I was scared. He was screaming.' A woman named Phyllis Kuhn lives at the apartments and claimed to the Detroit Free Press a property manager informed the Red Cross 'the situation was under control' and residents failed to receive much assistance.

The Detroit Free Press reported Rolando Millender also lives at the apartments -- and claims seven neighbors complained earlier about the bedbugs.
Big John lives there, too, and told Fox 2 Detroit: 'I smelled the smoke, ran up to the eighth floor and saw the smoke.
'And I ran back downstairs got my clothes, and started banging on people's doors and let them know it was fire.'
Fox 2 Detroit reported the building is Section 8 housing and there are 10 uninhabitable apartments. According to the local news station, residents were going to be moved.

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