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Meet skinny girl who earns £125,000 being squashed by giant women for a living

Student, Odette Delacroix had to find an extra source of income to support her through her degree course when she started studying English, four years ago. UK Mirror wrote.
But while many students turn to bar work or waitressing to earn a few extra quid, Odette stumbled on something completely different and it’s now become her full-time job. 5ft tall Odette earns her living from men paying to watch her get squashed by other people.

Sometimes, Odette, who weighs a slender 6st 2lb (approx. 39kg), will be squashed by up to five large women, who weigh more than 125 stone in total. And Odette claims it’s a job she absolutely adores.

"I know it sounds weird, but I love being squashed – it’s a thrill. I get such a physical pleasure from being pinned down, trapped or surrounded. It’s the opposite of claustrophobia for me.
"Women with size 102ZZZ breasts have pressed up against me and I couldn’t breathe at all, yet I felt so calm. And in the last few years I’ve been squashed by some of the biggest butts and boobs in the world. I once had a model with a 7ft bum sit on me," explains Odette.
She regularly posts videos of herself being crushed by bulky women on porn and fetish sites, and it’s become a lucrative pastime; her odd occupation has earned her more than £125,000.

"I’ve been able to go on luxurious holidays and I’ve bought a three-bedroom home. It might sound like a bizarre career, but I love it."
The practice is not without its risks, however; sometimes the huge mass on top of her is so heavy that Odette is forced to hold her breath for up to four minutes.And there are times, when she’s filming certain types of videos, where she does fear for her life.

"Some of my customers pay me to do “pigpiles” – where several large women sit on me while I lie flat on a hard surface," she explains. "It can be unbearable at times, and it’s quite dangerous – there’s a risk of suffocation.
"So I exercise and maintain a strict diet so I can have the physical strength to keep doing what I do. I regularly swim because it helps me hold my breath longer and I always stretch before a shoot, that is crucial." 

Odette, who’s from Los Angeles, first got involved in this line of work when she was 19.

"I was hired by some of my art student friends to model for their paintings,’ she says. "I realised how much I enjoyed nude modelling and one of the artists suggested I try fetish modelling. I did a few bondage-style shoots, earning up to £700 per week.
"Over time, I expanded what I was willing to do and set up my own website to showcase my modelling work. "Then in 2011, while I was at university, I received a request from a fan of my photos, asking if I’d consider being squashed. I’d never heard of it, but he assured me men would pay good money if I put a clip up on my website. I thought I’d give it a go."
"My dream was to become a literary editor,"she reveals, "reading other people’s manuscripts and editing them before they are published.
"But after spending time working as an intern for a publishing company around the same time, I found office life more mundane than I thought it would be, so I decided to dedicate myself to the modelling."
After hunting online, Odette found two plus-size models – who weighed about 25 stone each – to agree to feature in a film.
She says:
"The models were worried about hurting me because of my small frame, but when they both climbed on top of me, I got an adrenaline buzz out of it.
"And when I posted the video on my website, it was a huge hit. I realised there was a huge demand for petite women being squashed. I decided to ditch my studies and focus on making these videos full time instead.’
Odette now runs a website called, which features hundreds of videos showing the tiny model getting pinned down by giant women.

"In one shoot, I had five plus-size models weighing about 125 stone in total clamber all over me while I lay on a concrete floor," she reveals. "It was a lot of strain on my body and I had to hold my breath, but afterwards, I got a real thrill from it."
Odette has never been hurt doing these stunts and she thinks it’s because she is so relaxed around the plus-size models. 
Odette’s long-term boyfriend, Ashes, 37, is also supportive of her.
"Ashes is a photographer, and because we met on the set of one of my shoots, he knows what I do for a living and doesn’t have a problem with it. He is a normal build so squashing isn’t part of our sex life. "He’s a great supporter of what I do and we often collaborate as producers together.
Odette plans to continue with her career for another five years, at least.

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