Saturday, January 16

Nigerian Army reveals Boko Haram hides explosives inside vegetables

The Nigerian Army has said on Friday that Boko Haram insurgents now hide explosives inside fruits and vegetables to carry out their deadly activities, warning citizens to report any suspicious person to the nearest security agency.

This disclosure by the military was contained in a statement on its website. The army wrote, “In continuation with the sensitisation of our citizens on the devilish strategy of the terrorists, the Nigerian military authorities have discovered that the Boko Haram terrorists are determined to continue letting off bombs and have resorted to masquerading as fruits and vegetable vendors wheeling Improvised Explosive Devices as groceries into crowded areas.

“The terrorists now hide IEDs under vegetable wares in carts and wheelbarrows and move to crowded places where they detonate them for maximum casualties. The recent terrorists attack in the North-East is a case in point.

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