Monday, January 25

Parents of Enugu conjoined twins face ostracization from family and friends, Caroline Danjuma offers to help

A Nigerian couple – Segun and Mary Ayeni who gave birth to conjoined twin girls – Miracle and Testimony, on November 16, 2015, in Enugu are facing ostracization from their family & friends. All because of their baby girls’ medical condition.

Miracle & Testimony are joined at the groin. They can easily be separated because according to doctors they do not share any vital organs and also have separate legs and genitals.

The twins are currently being treated at The University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital Intensive Care Unit where they are visited by their mother (Mary) every day. However Mary noted that though the nurses in the hospital are kind to her twins, she has been stigmatised by some hospital staff as well as her neighbours.

She said,
Because of illiteracy or not being exposed, some think that whenever anything (strange) happens, it is somebody that is behind it. Some female workers that clean the hospital asked, ‘Why are you disturbing yourself?’ They told me to leave the kids and run away. But I can never leave them and run away because they are my blood. Some people that heard I had conjoined twins stopped greeting me. Some wouldn’t even talk to me; some that used to come and collect things from me before now talk about me in jest. They laugh. But God will take all the glory.

Aside being conjoined the twins are in perfect health.

Former Actress & billionaire’s wife Caroline Danjuma was alerted to the situation of the conjoined twins on Instagram and she has expressed her willingness to help the family.

So kind of her!

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