Tuesday, January 19

Thief smoked out of hiding by Ikorodu residents

Residents of Gberigbe, Ikorodu, Lagos used smoke to chase out a man whose gang had always terrorized Jabe, a community at Gberigbe mainly on Sundays. Vanguard reports.
Determined to catch the thieves, who ran into the bush after stealing cell phones and other valuables, members of the community yesterday set the bush on fire and smoked out one of them, the others unfortunately escaped.

According to an eyewitness the man and his gang were said to have scaled the fence of a compound, destroyed the burglary proof in one of the windows through which they entered a house unfortunately for the intruders, the owner of the house saw them and sent a message to her neighbour, who in turn alerted other members of the community.

 Noticing that they were surrounded, the thieves jumped out through the fence and ran into a nearby bush. Fortunately, the fire drove him into the arms of the community members who nearly lynched him but for the response of a team of policemen from Ijede Division, who showed up and took him away.

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