Saturday, January 16

Woman who kidnapped a young missionary as sex slave sues filmmaker for portraying her a prostitute

She's the former American beauty queen with a genius-level IQ, who abducted a young Mormon missionary and kept him as a sex slave for three days in a case that scandalized Britain in the late 1970's.

Now Joyce McKinney, perhaps better known by her moniker 'Madam Mayhem', will face a Los Angeles court next month, suing the Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker Errol Morris for his portrayal of her in his 2011 expose of the sexual assault, Tabloid. McKinney was just 25 at the time of her bizarre exploits.

Now 66, the onetime Miss Wyoming claims Morris and the producers of Tabloid tricked her into giving an interview for the film, believing it would clear her name, but which only made her look even crazier.

'They offered me £45,000 (about $65,000) to settle, and I told them they could kiss my butt,' McKinney told The Hollywood Reporter.
'They made millions off me. I'm going to take it all the way to the end. I want my day in court.'

McKinney is suing for breach of contract, fraud, and the infliction of emotional distress.
Partially blind, she claims that the filmmakers broke into her home and stole photos and footage.
She also claims they forced her to sign release papers, threatening to kill her guide dog if she refused.

Her case is based around the argument that Tabloid portrayed her as a prostitute.
The defendants told THR that McKinney cannot demonstrate she was damaged.

'The evidence will show that Plaintiff willingly in fact, eagerly participated in the lengthy interview that is featured in the film,' states the defendants' trial memo.

McKinney will appear in court in LA when the case is next heard on February 29.

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