Tuesday, February 23

Ain't this outfit too big on Patoranking?

Nigerian Dancehall artiste, Patoranking shared the photo above alongside the lyrics of his new song 'another level' And the size of that coat abi is it suit, gripped my attention. Isn't it over sized? #JustAsking anyway... see the lyrics of his song below...

Patoranking - Another level (Lyrics)

My head o, my head o
Jah jah bless my head o
My head o, my head o
When things soft and red o

Eledumare change up mi level
That's why me ah mash up the devil
Remember the days me ah struggle
No girl wan kiss and cuddle
Mi money deh another level
Go tell them mi badder than devil
Girl mek u flex up your muscle
Whine to the bass and the treble

Why me now... (Wah yah sing seh)

Me step out clean pon ah Friday
Only good good things ah come my way
Better believe the things I say
As a real rastaman me must feel irei
Go down pon mi knees and I pray
Good prophecies inna mi life come my way
Everyday is my birthday
We ah party and we ah feel irie
The haters dem want we to fall off
But we are grind we ah stay tough
Go tell em say we cyan play rough
Cah deep inna we heart we got one love

Repeat chorus

Celebration in the air
Jubilation everywhere
Appreciation show some care
Inna we nation love we share
See everybody dem ah touching dem ah loving dem ah kissing dem ah hugging dem ah touching we
Ah so we love it dem when the haters dem ah loving dem ah hating dem ah rating player hating we
I just wanna see you go go
We ah spend we nah borrow
Jah don promise we tomorrow
So we gwan live we nah go sorrow

Repeat Chorus

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