Wednesday, February 3

Blac Chyna denies drug charges, says she was framed

American model, Blac Chyna who was arrested for public intoxication and drug possession, has said that the ecstasy pills police found in her sunglasses case at the Austin airport on Friday, January 29, did not belong to her.Sources close to the former stripper say she has no idea how the pills ended up in the case. She does say she did not pack her own bags for the trip to London with a stopover in Austin.

In fact, she says her assistants who normally work for her were not there, and a different person packed for her. She's strongly implying the person who packed the bags is responsible.
Chyna is saying she would have no idea how to get ecstasy in pill form, even if she wanted it. She plans on using the "It's not my drug" defense if the drug possession case is filed.

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