Friday, February 26

Caitlyn Jenner models a wedding dress for new show, looks like Kim K

Caitlyn Jenner's wedding dress in the teaser for the second series of I Am Cait looked VERY familiaR. According to UK Mirror, the 66-year-old got the chance to try on wedding dresses for the premiere episode of the new season, as teased by People magazine on Friday, but the one she choose was almost an exact copy of Kim Kardashian's in her wedding to Kanye. Another pic after the cut...

We'll admit, the star did look gorgeous as she twirled around in the figure-hugging lace gown, which included sheer sleeves and a mermaid-tail trail. But we're not sure copying the 36-year-old, who wed Kanye West in a blow-out ceremony in Italy in 2014, is the best way to go.

During the clip, which sees her trying on gowns in a wedding shop with her pal, surrounding by crystal chandeliers, Caitlyn says: "I'm slowly coming into my womanhood, but it's a work in progress. "I don't want to hurt anyone."

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