Monday, February 29

Lady Gaga and Priyanka Chopra wear $8 MILLION worth of dazzling jewels each to the Oscars

All eyes may be on the glamorous gowns on the Oscar's red carpet, but the real bang is in the bling.
Both pop stars Lady Gaga, 29, and former Miss World Priyanka Chopra, 33, were wearing enough impressive jewels to buy a small suburban neighborhood as they hit the red carpet on Sunday at the 88th Annual Academy Awards.

Lady Gaga's Lorraine Schwartz diamonds really kicked things up a notch, with her dangling earrings totaling an eye-watering $8 million in cost. The emerald cut diamond drop earrings total 90 carats with the top portions being 30 carats and the bottoms 60.

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Former Miss World Priyanka may have drawn the eye with her transparent lace white gown, but the real glitz and glamour was hanging from her ears and fingers - costing a total of just under $8 million.

The India native was wearing Lorraine Schwartz jewels including 50 carat diamond front back earrings that cost an incredible $3.2 million. On her hands, she sported a 22 carat diamond ring worth $3.4 million alongside a 10 carat diamond pinky ring worth $850,000 as well as an 8 carat diamond bypass ring costing $300,000. 
Lady Gaga and her 34 year old fiance Taylor Kinney who gave her the diamond engagement ring last year

Lady Gaga's heart-shaped diamond ring 

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