Wednesday, February 3

LAWMA worker stabbed in the eye by Lagos hoodlums for revealing their hideout

Lagos State Waste Management Agency (LAWMA) worker Oluwaseun Thomas is being treated in a Lagos Island hospital after hoodlums stabbed him in the eye for reporting them to the police.
Thomas was said to have been beaten up by the hoodlums, before they stabbed him in the eye.

According to local reports, Thomas told the police Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) in Ikeja, that the hoodlums were hiding weapons in the market. The SARS policemen were said to have stormed the market and seized the weapons, including cutlasses, knives and guns, but were unable to arrest the hoodlums.

On Thursday, January 21, 2016, at about 9pm, Thomas was clearing some refuse in the market when the hoodlums attacked him and some of his colleagues. After stabbing him in the eye through the side of his head, the hoodlums abandoned Thomas by the roadside with the knife still stuck in his eye.

Local resident Saheed Alatise said he initially thought the hoodlums came to extort money from the LAWMA workers.

“The hoodlums got information that some LAWMA workers gave the police information on the location of their weapons,” Alatise said. 
“It was not only Seun (Thomas) that they attacked. They stabbed other LAWMA workers who were rushed to the Lagos Island General Hospital for treatment as well.
“However, they focused on Thomas as they threw him to the ground and punched him. 
They brought out knives and stabbed him, leaving one of the knives in his eye.”
Another eyewitness, identified only as Alao, said, “The hoodlums were about 10 men. They were led by Agoro, Matanmi and Marcus.“Thomas had informed the police about their criminal activities in the market. That was why the hoodlums came after him.”

Doctors treating Thomas said they have placed him in a medically induced coma.

LAWMA spokesman Lookman Seriki confirmed the attack took place.

“The attack is true. Some of our workers have been treated and discharged from the hospital,” Seriki said. “The police are also investigating the matter.”

Police spokesperson Dolapo Badmos said the force is waiting for the complainant to give a lead on the arrest of the hoodlums.
“The matter was reported on that day and the police gave the victim a medical paper to go to the hospital and treat himself. However, he has not turned up since then to allow the police follow up the case,” she said.
“The police have been calling him to provide a statement that will lead us to make an arrest, but we have not seen him. We assume he is no longer interested in pursuing the matter.”

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