Wednesday, February 17

Married woman escapes after overdosing 22 year old lover on sex enhancement drugs in Edo

A mother of three, said to be married to a wealthy man, has abandoned a 22-year-old lover in a hotel room in Benin, Edo state after she gave the boy an overdose of sex enhancement drugs. Vanguard reports.

The boy reportedly raised an alarm when he started experiencing pains in his erect penis. The receptionist met the boy looking very weak and was then rushed to a nearby hospital. A source told Vanguard that the said woman normally comes to the hotel with the boy after dropping off her children in school.

 “She will be in the hotel from 8a.m. till about 2p.m., when she will go and pick the children from school. She spends all the time with the boy in the hotel room.” 
It was further gathered that the woman was always buying milk and sex enhancement drugs for the boy. However, on this said day, she was alleged to have given the boy an overdose, leading to the boy’s permanent state of erection. The boy is said to be receiving treatment under the watch of some military personnel, who came to his rescue.

It was learnt that police have also been informed, but that they intend to allow the boy regain his strength before going after the woman.

Nnkan mbe!

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