Wednesday, February 24

Nigeria immigration arrests 17 Libya bound victims of human trafficking

Men of Nigerian Immigration have arrested 17 victims of human trafficking during their attempt to exit through the Nigeria/Niger border in Katsina state. Controller of immigration for Katsina state, Ahmed Alhaji Alfa said;
"Our investigation revealed that their mission was to cross border en route to Agadez in Niger Republic and then to Libya," he added.
"We believe their final destination was Europe through the dangerous voyage across the (Mediterranean) sea".
Most of the victims are promised lucrative jobs but are instead forced into prostitution once in Europe. Such victims are often made to undergo voodoo rituals forcing them to vow never to disclose their situation to the authorities.

The victims of this instance; 10 women and seven men aged between 18 and 40 were apprehended on February 14 and 21, Alfa said.

Those detained were from the southern Nigerian states of Edo and Imo and had likely been "misled" by a trafficking syndicate operating in the northern Nigerian commercial hub of Kano and towns along the borders of Nigeria and Niger, he said.

They were handed over to the Nigerian anti-human trafficking agency NAPTIP in Kano on Tuesday for further investigation and prosecution.

A hunt for the traffickers and their sponsors has also been launched.

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