Thursday, February 18

Paul Okoye finally decides to stay with one of his brothers

Paul Okoye who has remained silent since the drama between his twin brother Peter and their elder brother Jude Okoye started yesterday (read here), has finally expressed his opinion to stay with one of his brothers.

Paul took to his Instagram to post a picture of him and his elder brother Jude and a picture of a studio set cutting his twin brother off the picture. See below...

Paul posted the picture with the caption:
“This is where I belong and this is where I stand….you do music in the studio not in social media, you have family issues, you discuss that in close doors not in social media…. Family is family, blood is blood…. If you don’t do family business, then who am I to you?”
Paul however deleted the post a few hours later.

In reply to his post, Peter who seemed disappointed, took to his Instagram to post the same picture with the caption: 
“And cutting me off from a picture and replacing me with a studio set says it all my bro. all because you want to sound matured And letting people insult and Laff at me. Peter Okoye the social media rant. I wish you well in all you do my bro. God bless our hustle. #voice4thevoiceless.”

O critical!

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