Saturday, February 27

Sepp Blatter says he gave Infantino tips on how to win FIFA presidency... Oh really?

Outgoing FIFA president, Sepp Blatter, has congratulated Gianni Infantino, on his emergence as his replacement and claims he gave the former UEFA official tips.
Infantino was elected the new president of FIFA on Friday, after polling the necessary number of votes in the second round, to beat favourite, Sheikh Salman bin Ebrahim al-Khalifa.

Blatter was pleased with the outcome of the election and told ZDF: “I’m glad Gianni Infantino is president, a man from the upper Valais such as myself.“I had gluhwein with him around Christmas and gave him tips. “I congratulate Gianni Infantino sincerely and warmly for election as the new president.

“The agreed reform package means the demands on him are high because the implementations of the new structures will be a major challenge. But I am convinced that my successor is ready to meet this. “With his experience, expertise, strategic and diplomatic skills he has all the qualities to continue my work and stabilise FIFA once more. I wish him good luck and success,” Blatter said.

Continue his work? hope not the greediness, corruption and the likes that led to his disgrace!

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