Monday, February 22

UK based Nigerian gay activist Bisi Alimi shops for wedding ring with partner in SA

UK based Nigerian man known for his same sex sexuality, Bisi Alimi has announced his upcoming wedding with his gay partner, Anthony. The gay couple recently went for ring shopping in South Africa and Bisi shared the photos on his instagram page. See below.....

Some Nigerians who couldn't hold back their words took to the comment section of his post to express their dislike for his sexuality. They wrote:

@johannes_francesco - “It is epistemologically proven that @bisialimi and the other goat is a waste bin, demented soul and a completely deranged man!”

@johannes_francesco - “Werey …come and marry him in Nigeria” – @Usmanoyeleke “@bisialimi You’re a demented soul! I wish both of you a looooooooong vacation in hell! And its gonna be soon.” 

 @tolienjoe -  “@favour_omo You are a Fool, a moron! And as for you @bisialimi For you being a Nigerian?Yoruba, you are a big disgrace, I pray that God’s rode will strike your gayish ass soon, Nuisance! I dare you to come to Nigeria, i will forward your passport to the Nigerian Immigration department…London yen lo ma Kusi. OMO ALE!”

To his defense, some of his followers find no fault in his decision;

 @thatsoshelly  - “@tolienjoe but what is your business though? Does he marrying this guy affect you in anyway? No it does not. If your religion or culture does not believe in something then don’t practice it. Another person’s sin is not your sin. Coming on here and calling people names is a sin because you are cursing people which God is against. If he is going to hell, let him, it’s not you going to hell. Instead of focusing on your own problems and your own way of worshiping God, you are busy disturbing someone’s IG page for no reason.” 

@_queenfiona  –  “Stop the criticism. It’s because of these negative things people say that make some people die in silence nd end up being disgraced. Here is someone proud nd happy nd haters re hating. Com on get a life. Ywc @bisialimi”

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