Thursday, March 10

3 things to do if she comes over to your house and refuses to fuck

Olamide Oni of PulseNg has come to the boys' rescue as usual, this time around showing the way out of the difficult situation when bae comes to your house and refuses to get laid. You don't need to force her, here are the three things you should do to get her laid for good. Read below...

It can be pretty frustrating if you invite a lady over with the intention of finally getting down and she refuses to give you what you want. Knowing how to handle it will make a very big difference.
1. Don't push it:
You might be tempted to beg, negotiate or sulk, but this will only push her further away and make you seem pathetic. Plus, it will instantly turn her off. There is nothing arousing about being pressured for sex. If she says no, let it be, simply pretend it does not bother you and don't bring it up for a while. She will be taken aback and begin to immediately question whether or not she will give it to you, which is what you want.

2. Get her to relax: 

The thing is, most women expect that visiting a guy means he will ask for sex. This causes her to put her guard up. Even if she is willing to give it to you, she would still want you to work for it. So, what you need to do is get her to bring down her guard by getting her to relax. If you ask and she says no, focus on other ways to make her feel comfortable with you. Watch a comedy, play some games, whatever makes her laugh and let go. It is only when she feels truly comfortable that she will consider having sex with you.

3. Make you move: 

Now she is relaxed, comfortable and laughing with you, this is when you make your move. Flirt with her by bringing sex into the convo.  Start with something random but not too threatening like, 'Damn, if I ever get hold of that sexy ass of yours, I will take you to heaven and back.' In one statement, you have complimented her and made her think about sex with you. If you have followed steps 1 and 2 above, by now she will be having an inner conflict whether or not to let you have some. But once again, don't push. Flirt with her and compliment her. If she giggles or return the flirting, slowly move towards her and give her a soft kiss. Let her lead the way so she feels like she has all the power. At this point, make sure she tells you with her words or her body that she is ready to take things to the next level.

Warning: These tips will only work if she is attracted to you in the first place but unsure if she wants to sleep with you. If she insists she is not interested in sex after cajoling and flirting with her, respect her decisions. There is absolutely nothing sexy or manly about rape or coercive sex.

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