Friday, March 4

4 things you should avoid during anal sex

According to Olamide Oni of Pulse, There are a few things that are required of you if you want to engage in anal sex.

Anal sex might be your thing, but you should know it is not simply the same as vaginal sex in a different hole. There are a few things that are required of you if you want to engage in anal sex. Below are the 4 things you should never try doing:

No lube

Lubrication is absolutely important during anal. The butt hole does not lubricate itself the way the vagina does, so you absolutely need to make things wet artificially. Anal sex without lubricant could cause painful friction and tears, which increases likelihood of infection.

Switching holes

 As a man, never slip your penis from the butt hole straight to the vagina without cleaning or changing the condoms. The anus has some bacteria that could be extremely harmful if transferred to the vagina. The best advice is to use a condom so that it is easier to just switch when you care changing holes.

Not feeling relaxed

This is for the lady. You should never engage in anal sex if you are not relaxed as this will make things extremely tight and painful. Take your time and make sure you are good and ready before you allow him slip it in.

Vigorous thrusts

Once again, the anus is not the vagina, so do not approach things too vigourously. Sure, it looks good in porn, but it is one of those porn moves that are dangerous in real life. So, unless she absolutely demands it, take things slowly and gently.

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