Friday, March 11

5 thing Nigerians should NEVER post on social media

The social media has provided a free platform for Nigerians to share their thoughts and ideas with not just friends and family, but with thousands of virtual strangers as well…and within seconds too. Unfortunately, people now barely need to form a cohesive thought, and BAM! They already have it posted for the entire nation to see.

While Social Media fortifies our freedom of expression and provides a form of solace for people who desperately want their voices to be heard, it can result in major consequences. Before you hit that ‘publish’ button, here are the 5 things you should never post on the social media as listed by

Private photos

There is a reason certain pictures and messages are categorized as private, they are not to be shared with every Dick, Tom and Harry! No matter how excited you are, refrain from posting private pictures on your social media. This includes nude pictures or pictures of you doing questionable things. If you really feel the need to share them, stick to Direct Message or Snapchat that way it is only visible for a short time or to people you can trust.

Personal opinions about your job

Most people secretly hates their jobs…unless of course they are business moguls or are genuinely working for themselves and doing something they are passionate about. If you are anything like the rest of the population, please keep your hatred for your job to yourself. Tackle grievances and make complaints to close friends, therapists or your HR. Your social media account may not be as secure as you think. There is a chance that your company’s management will someday come across your negative comments and will do you the required favor to relieve you of your misery.

Your money

Why would you even put yourself at risk by flashing cash on a public platform? Unless your goal in life is to get robbed or even killed, posting pictures of your money or bank account is not the best life decision. When it comes to money matters, you basically cannot trust anyone. Showing off money makes you an easy target for fraudsters and con artists, and these people are  desperate enough to figure out ways to digitally dig in your pockets.

A piece of work without copyright

Copyrighting is not as huge in Nigeria as it is in other part of the world, however, when playing with global social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, you need to abide by the rules. Rather than share a well written bit of work or a creative piece of art out of excitement or pride, take a pause and ensure you protect your rights to it first. Posting anything without taking measure to copyright it, makes it easy for other to steal it or plagiarize it and take the credit for this, robbing you of the glory of your hard work.

Classified information

Classified information including your phone number, home or office address, financial information, and even vacation details should never be posted on your social media platform.  Doing such will only make you vulnerable to marauders as they can easily gain access to your accounts. Also, keep your entire itinerary to yourself; you may be surprised to find that you have a stalker or ‘troller’ who would be grateful for the information.

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