Friday, March 4

Barrister Femi Falana, reveals why he allowed his son, Falz leave Law for music

Renowned lawyer and Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Femi Falana has revealed why he allowed his son, Folarin Falana, popularly known as Falz 'the bad guy' to pursue his music career despite his sound educational background which had him study law in England.

Speaking to The leadership, Barrister Falana explained that parents should allow their children to choose their desired career path rather than imposing their own choice on them.
Falz reportedly approached his dad saying he was tired of practicing in the law profession as expected left him surprised.

"Don't force any course on your children, don't insist that they must be doctors or lawyers. My son Folarin, who was working in our chambers, came to inform me one day that he wanted to leave. I said I could find him a place in one of my chambers. But, he said no, I'm going to be a musician.'
When i asked why, he convinced me but he couldn't convince his mother because she's also a lawyer.

Today, he's doing well as a musician and not as a lawyer. So let's debate with our children to know what they want to do.'

I guess, Falz must have ridiculed dad with his massive emotional dispensation, somewhere along the

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