Friday, March 4

Bet9JA backs Chinedu Harrison to break Guinness Book of Record

Nigerian footballer based in Cambodia, Harrison Chinedu, will attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the farthest distance travelled while balancing a football on his head and cover a distance of over 45. 64km. The record was set in 2014 as Indian soldier NaibSubedar Azad Singh travelled a distance of 45.64km.

Chinedu will begin his journey on Sunday 06 March at 7am from Kilometre 46 at the RCCG Redemption Camp and break the record by not allowing the ball to touch the ground before reaching the National Stadium in Surulere. Bet9ja are proud sponsors of this event, which will see a young Nigerian man attempt to make his mark on the world.

All are welcome to attend the event but if you’re unable to make it, the event will be broadcast on radio and highlights will be shown on television. Marketing & Corporate Communications manager of Bet9ja, Tunji Meshioye, has this to say about the record breaking event: “Bet9ja is the leading betting brand in Nigeria, and has a strong track record in projects that transform the lives of the people where it operates - farthest distance walked with ball on the head is one such example”.

“The aim is to set the Guinness Book of World Records come Sunday March 6th, 2016 when Harrison Chinedu will attempt to walk with a ball on his head and cover a distance of over 45. 64km.” You can also follow our countdown to the event on our social media on or by following us on Twitter @mybet9ja

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