Sunday, March 6

Buhari says Biafra will never stand

President Muhammadu Buhari has vowed that Biafra will never stand. The president stated, last night, that Nigeria would not tolerate the agitation for Biafra. “Speaking to Aljazeera television during his visit to Qatar, last week, he recalled that over two million lives were lost during the Nigeria civil war between 1967 to 1970 that resulted from the demand for Biafra.

“He said: “At least two millions Nigerians were killed in the Biafra war. And for somebody to wake up, may be they weren’t born then, looking for Biafra after two millions people were killed, they are joking with the security and Nigeria won’t tolerate Biafra.” 

“Also speaking on the economy and the pressure to devalue the Naira, the President stated that Nigeria was prepared to go against the advice on International Monetary Fund, IMF.“He maintained that the devaluation of the Naira would not pay Nigeria, saying the country was purely an import nation.“He also stated their despite the plummeting crude  oil prices in the international market, it would pay Nigeria to remain in the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, OPEC. ““If it is against our national interest, why can’t we go against the IMF advice?” Buhari asks.

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