Friday, March 11

See the lesbian/gay music video banned in Kenya making rounds online

Kenya’s first ever openly gay music video banned  by the country’s film board is currently going viral online. The song, which is a remix to Macklemore’s Same Love, was released by Kenyan rapper, Art Attack and prominently features a gay couple as well as a lesbian couple kissing.

In an interview with Reuters, the artist said
 “We expected that this will create controversy, we expected that a lot of people will talk about it but we didn’t expect the amount of publicity it has received. The erotic scenes were meant to show that these people also fall in love.” It provoked a different reaction from the Film Board as they moved quickly via a spokesman to say the video “inappropriate”.
In Kenya, just like in Nigeria, homosexuality is crime punishable by up to 14 years in prison.

Watch the video below and share your opinion.

Pls Note: The video contains imagery and message that may be unnecessarily offensive to some.

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