Friday, March 4

Chinese government bans sex, drugs, homosexual contents from TV

Chinese government has stated that themes that promote witchcraft, reincarnation, promiscuity which challenges the sanctity of marriage or displays of homosexuality which are regarded as “abnormal sexual relationships or sexual behaviour, have been banned from airing on their TV stations.

It was detailed in a nine-page comprehensive document  “General Principle of Television Drama Production Content” which was published last year December. The ban also disallows dramatisation of teenage romance, smoking, alcohol consumption and fighting.

Li Jingsheng, chief of television drama under the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, states that all industry experts are expected to abide to the professional guideline.

The document leak answers numerous questions the public has had after the government’s decision to censor and remove popular drama series, one of which was a popular online gay drama called Addiction. It was pulled off the air abruptly with no explanations, just three episodes to the finale.

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