Friday, March 4

Church member arrested for stealing N5k from offering box

A man identified as Kingsley, incurred the wrath both man and God after he was apprehended by the security men at the Saint Peter’s Catholic Church, Ejigbo, Lagos State, after he stole the sum of N5,000 from the church's offering box during the morning mass on Tuesday, March 1, 2016.

The suspect was said to be a regular member of the church and had been earlier caught for the same offence, had gone for the regular morning mass and while other worshippers left after the service, Kingsley stayed behind, pretending to be having personal prayer time.

When he thought that the coast was clear, he allegedly went to spot where the offering box was kept, brought out a glue-coated stick and dipped it inside the offering box. When he pulled it out, some money got stuck to the stick and he pocketed his loot and made his way out of the church.
But the security men in the church who were not comfortable with the situation, stopped and searched him and to their surprise, the money was discovered.

When he could not account for the money, he was taken to the Parish Priest who, after listening to the suspect, directed that he should be released on compassionate grounds. On getting home, an argument ensued between him and his wife who had gotten wind of his activity in the church and Kingsley reportedly beat up the woman.

It was the assault on the woman that led to his arrest by policemen attached to the Ejigbo Police Division and the cause of the fight was made known.
During investigation, the suspect owned up to the theft, blaming his conduct on his inability to take care of his pregnant wife.

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