Wednesday, March 9

Demn! TV host Wendy Williams calls Kim Kardashian's booty "big and smelly"

Just when Kim Kardashian is saying enough is enough with the body-shaming and slut-shamiming, Wendy Williams is coming after her, Kanye West for seeking for attention on social media with a disturbing naked picture.

In a new episode of the 'Wendy Williams Show', the controversial TV host shared her thoughts about Kim's latest nude selfie with her audience:
 "I think she looks great but I am so over it," Wendy went on to explain. "Doesn't every other girl on TV now have this exact same body?" She went on to add, "Every girl has a big giant smelly booty!"

Wendy also explained how women nowadays now depend on waist trainers and good looks to careless about the most important things in life like taking care of their kids summer camp fee, tuition loans at school etc just to raise money for butt surgery and other cosmetic surgeries.

After reading Kim's response to a bunch of other celebs who condemned the awkward selfie on Twitter like Piers Morgan, Bette Midler and Chloe Grace Moretz. Wendy agreed with Morgan that Kanye West may have gotten hold of Kim's phone -- thanks to the tone used in the text. "I have the girl a few times and she's a sweet girl. She just makes bad choices in men. She doesn't talk like that. My thoughts honestly  and of my producers.... This is crazy Kanye. Kim doesn't talk like this. She doesn't send backlashes like this. She knows what she's doing," she said.

Watch the video below:

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