Monday, March 28

Fuel Scarcity: DPR orders some filling stations to operate for 24 hours this Easter period

The Department of Petroleum Resources through it’s Director of Petroleum Resources, Mordecai Ladan has directed filling stations in strategic locations to begin 24 hour operations during the Easter.

He said, “The DPR, hereby, directs All depots with liftable petroleum products to truck out massively to designated filling stations as programmed while all filling stations in strategic locations shall continue to operate 24 hours during the Easter holidays.”

In his statement, Ladan also warned that the DPR will ensure the enforcement of the N2 milion sanction against fuel depots found engaging in overpricing of petroleum products and N100,000 per dispensing pump sanction against filling stations for selling above the regulated price.

Ladan also said that the DPR had constituted special intelligence monitoring teams nationwide to ensure prompt delivery of petroleum products to filling stations.

The statement also ordered oil marketers to begin massive loading of petroleum products to petrol stations nationwide.

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