Friday, March 11

Hehehe! Bride beats up groom, cancels wedding after he arrives the venue drunk

Lool...Wetin person eye no go see. An Indian bride has reportedly pounced on her groom, gave him the beating of his life and called off the wedding after he arrived the venue of their wedding already drunk, and passed out during the ceremony.

Ranjeet Kumar Kamat blackened her would-be husband's face with soot and threw a garland of shoes around his neck when he began calling out for beer during the wedding rituals,Gulf News India reports.

At the wedding venue, the bride and groom exchanged garlands. Once the ritual was over, the groom and his cousin went to a road nearby and drank alcohol. Both lost consciousness soon after.

Witnesses said finally when the groom was brought to the wedding to complete the wedding rituals, he kept calling for beer. Upon being refused, he began creating a ruckus and misbehaving with guests, much to the embarrassment of the bride’s family.

The bride, who had hereto been sitting calmly, lost her temper and in a fit of rage refused to marry the drunk groom.The groom’s cousin was also treated in same way. The groom and his relatives creating a ruckus were also locked in a room. Reports said the groom’s family was allowed to go home only after they agreed to return the dowry they had taken.

OMG! too bad I can't stop laughing.

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