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How I made Genevieve Nnaji’s outfit to AMVCA 2016 – Stylist, Tope FnR explains

Nigerian stylist Tope FnR has narrated how she was able to come up with the lovely dress Genevieve Nnaji wore to the recently head AMVCA 2016 events. Being her very first time working with the super star actress. Read below...

Story story! Vero (that’s what I call her) came to the studio some time last year and I casually asked her was there any reason why she had never asked me to make anything for Genny (I call her this now). She said she had never thought about it so we both agreed we would pray about it. 
Fast forward to this year and Genny sent her ideas for this year’s awards and Vero thought err this is so FnR. I had my first meeting with Genny and it was okay. I say this because I loved the style but not the fabric options. I was to travel the next day and return on the day of the awards.
Whilst I was away, Vero would send me messages, I was busy so it would take a day or 2 to reply. Then it would take Vero 2 days to reply and the Genny 2 days to reply. I was like the devil doesn’t want this to happen. I then called Vero when I was in London and I said I won’t lie I am not crazy about what we are doing. I want her in something that she loves but I want people to know it was FnR who made the dress.

I need something!!! Vero just said Tope then do what you want. I changed my flight to come back on Thursday and the plan was to go to see her with fabric options. Vero called me and said they will both come to me. Mind you, I had to holler at my daddy Yo… I was like I need favour up in here. Let us flow, let her understand me and make me understand her. I don’t want to disappoint anyone. Work with me please. Let the fit be beautiful. Guide my tailor. Favour me God.

Yes I talk alot but you guys know this already now.
Where was I? Oh yes LISTEN Genny doesn’t go to people, they go to her (God make me biggggzz oh) I was like okay God let’s see what You are doing. I called my security to let them in but they guy is a nutter, he didn’t want to open the gate oh.

See this guy, that wants to put sand sand in my Garri, destiny blocker. So she comes in and I show her options and she fell in love with this fabric. She wanted something simple but I was like please I have to have my back oh. She was like Tope you can have your back.

She was like I want my waist snatched, I smirked, you already know. The meeting was so easy! As she was leaving she said you are blessed. I don’t do this with people. You are blessed!!! Listen ehn, i did a dance in front of her. If there is anything I do, let people see God in me. So after work I went to my workshop, guess who? My tailor said who? I said do you know Genevieve? Do you know what the guy asked? Ma you for ask Genevieve if she know me oh, I think my peculiar spirit is rubbing off on them.

Fast forward to the next day, she comes in, tries on her dress DUDE!!!! We high fived but I still needed to snatch the waist some more. Vero called me the next morning speaking in tongue. I am not joking. Genny usually has 2 dresses. She has access to the best of the best. I asked Vero is my dress the 1st one or 2nd dress? Vero screamed are not listening when Genny wore the dress she said: I am not changing at all. I am going to wear this throughout the event*SCREAMS.

Vero doesn’t play with her clients. She is very protective as it’s her name on the line. I was WEAK! Got to her hotel and it was such a peaceful atmosphere. We were about to leave the room and I said please let’s pray, it’s was like no one heard me, Genny grabbed my hand straight away…. I am thankful!!!

A couple of things, I don’t make ready to wear so stylists can’t pull from me. I don’t do events, ig pages don’t post my things. I don’t give a bomber about the celebrity world. I know my limits and my weaknesses. All I have is God and you guys. There is absolutely NO logical reason why she should have chosen #FnR.

I woke up on Saturday morning feeling frustrated and tired (traveling and lack of sleep) I cried for the first time in a long time that God, how can I serve You and this isn’t working. 5 mins later,Vero called me…..

Lessons learned are No 1: Matopeda, you don’t call the shots. God does. No 2: He does things His own way because His ways are better than ours. No 3: just because you might be feel like God hasn’t answered a particular prayer, look around and be thankful for the many other things He has answered. No 4: when He works He does it so that no one else can take glory but Him. It won’t make any sense at alllllll!!!!

That’s the beauty of my DADDY YO!!!! Let’s give it up for the lover of my soul. The sweetness name ever. The author and finisher of my faith. The One was, who is and who will FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER BE.

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