Friday, March 4

Lagosians warn Olajumoke against indecent dressing

Some residents of Lagos state have sent out their words of advise to Nigerian super model Olajumoke Orisaguna,  urging her to remain decent in her appearance in spite of the new found fame.

 In a report by the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), the residents spoke about this on Thursday, March 3 as they urged the former bread seller to bear in mind that as a mother she ought to appear modest at all times regardless of celebrity status.

Mrs. Deborah Mathew, one of the residents who spoke to NAN, explained her points thus:

“Posterity will not forgive her for that because the children will see it and might emulate her and she cannot advise them because she is guilty.” She urged the 27-year-old model to remember to leave a positive example for youths in society with her attitude.

 Mrs. Mathew spoke further: “What example is she creating for youths like her and her environment; you can see how her boobs and thighs are showing. “This is not the type of modeling we are talking about for a married woman.”

Another resident, Nneka Ibemesi, who is a student of the University of Lagos emphasized the need for the new model to get some education in order to advance her career. She said: “No matter the amount of money, she will make from the model, she needs education to enable her know her left from right. “Without education, she will not go far and as it is people are just telling her what to do, the day she demands for what she really wants, her career will end. I guess people just want to use her illiteracy to make money and gain publicity.”

Another suggestion from Mrs. Olabisi Aderibigbe, a computer engineer, was for Olajumoke to try and understand the fashion and modelling industry in Nigeria in order for her to excel. Mrs. Aderibigbe said: “The model is lucky to be seen and picked but my worry is that she does not know the terrain she has gone into. “Exposing body is unAfrican, soon they will give her only pant and bra to wear and cat walk all in the name of modelling. Whatever the people that found her out are doing, they should have at the back of their minds that she is a married woman with kids. They should have the decency to choose better clothes for her.”

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