Saturday, March 12

Lobatan! Men now putting beads in their penis to enhance sexual pleasure

And this's like the height of it... It's been revealed that some men are now putting beads in their sexual organs to enhance sexual pleasure. According to the report, the beads are put beneath the shaft or foreskin of the penis, whereas women can enjoy some beads beneath the labia during intercourse. While many do it for aesthetic reasons being that you look as though you have lots of bumps and bulges on the outer of your penis.

German body-piercer Meri, owner of Meri Piercing and Body Modification, said:

‘From my point of few, sexual pleasure for women increases. This is because the beads – which can be inserted under the skin of the penis, on the tip or even in the scrotum, will create rub the woman in her most sensitive places during intercourse. ‘The amount of sexual pleasure received ranges, as there are so many different sized beads.’ 

The procedure is done using a small, thick needle. After making an incision into the skin, beads are inserted before the skin is closed up over them. It is a safe procedure, if done correctly. But the implementation of the beads should be performed by an expert body-modifier – so you should research into it well, and ask to see previous work. Symptoms such as tenderness, redness and swelling for a short period of time is very normal, but bad hygiene conditions could cause some serious complications such as a significant amount of bleeding, pain and infections.

May the Lord save this generation.. Amen!

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