Thursday, March 17

Marriage Advice: 4 resolutions every couple should consider

We are three months into the year but it's not too late to make resolutions as a married couple, especially as you approach your wedding anniversary. Resolutions give you something new to look forwards to and help in improving your marriage.
Recommitting yourself to that union called marriage is one way you can ensure you'll live happily with your partner.

Inspired by SheKnows, here are 4 resolutions every couple should consider

1. Commitment to get closer to each other

Couples should make resolutions to be more intimate with each other in every area, emotional and physical. Intimacy is one of the core factors of a happy marriage.

2. Commitment to appreciate each other

This includes a resolution to never overlook each other's effort.  Give words of encouragement to each other and learn to appreciate the smallest things they do.

3. Commitment to fight fair

This includes setting boundaries and approaching disagreements not with intent to retaliate but to understand each other's point of view in other to reach an agreement.

4. Commitment to make time for each other

This includes not ignoring your partner’s needs and when they need it. Not spending too much time apart, having date nights and remembering to talk to each other without looking at any device.

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