Tuesday, March 1

See what French Montana says about Kanye West’s twitter rants

French Montana has talked about Kanye West and his latest Twitter rants including his recent feud with Taylor Swift. In his latest interview on ‘Larry King Now’ (airing March 14), Montana claimed Kanye always knows what he says even though many believe it’s usually out of place. “I just spoke to him yesterday – it don’t seem like he have problems. I just feel like Kanye West is a genius, and all the moves he do is calculated, so everything he says makes headlines. There’s a method to his madness,” the Moroccan rapper said.

Regarding West’s latest bad blood with Swift, which stemmed from the rapper calling her a “bitch” and taking credit for her fame in his new song, Montana, 30, pled the fifth.

“Sometimes calling someone a bitch is complimentary; sometimes it’s not. I think he means it in a good sense,” adding Swift’s incensed Grammys speech proved West’s place in the industry: “He’s so powerful that you felt his impact in that building without him even being there.”

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